UVA Gift Processing Services Help Desk

Online Ticketing FAQ


Do I have to sign up or login to submit or check the status of a ticket?

No.  Simply click on New Support Ticket and complete the form.  You will receive a confirmation with a link to your ticket so you can track the status of your request.  


The first time you submit a ticket you will also get an email inviting you to create a password if you want to set up an account.  This is helpful for end users who submit GPS requests regularly as an account allows you to view all of your current and past tickets.  


Do I have to go to the portal to create a ticket?


No.  You can email your request to gpshelp@virginia.edu and a ticket will be created for you.  You will receive an email confirmation with a link to your ticket.


What if I send a request to uvagps@virginia.edu?  Will you still respond?


Yes.  We will forward any request emails sent to uvagps@virginia.edu to the new help desk site.  A ticket will be created and the requestor will get an email confirmation with a link to the ticket.


What are the different ticket types?


Gift Submission – any transactions to be recorded in Advance (ADV)

Transaction Adjustment – request changes to a transaction that has already been recorded in ADV

Securities Tracking – alert GPS to incoming gifts of stock or mutual funds

Watch List – let GPS know to be on the lookout for important gift related information (i.e., memorial or honorarium gifts, lost checks, gifts with special handling instructions, etc.)

Other Request or Question – use this category for appeal code requests, giving record questions, information requests, etc. 


Can I make changes to my ticket or add new information?


Yes, simply reply to your ticket confirmation and the information will be added to your ticket


What if I have checks or other gift documentation to bring to GPS?


We’ve included a check box on the gift submission ticket type to let GPS know that you will be bringing checks and/or other documentation to Alumni Hall.  Please include a copy of your ticket confirmation to help us ID your request.  


What if I have a question or need help?


Call us at 434-924-7018.  We’ll be happy to assist!

This information is also in the attached Word document.