Outright Gifts of Marketable Securities 

For DTC eligible securities (Common Stock and Mutual Fund Shares):

  • Clearing Broker: Pershing LLC
  • DTC Participant# 0443
  • Account Number: N7M-001327
  • Credit:University of Virginia Gift Account
  • Reference:{Donor’s Name}

For DTC eligible securities (Restricted Stock only):

  • Clearing Broker: Davenport and Company LLC
  • DTC Participant# 0715
  • Account Number: 84949411
  • Credit:University of Virginia Fund
  • Reference:{Donor’s Name}

Physical securities should be sent to:

By U.S. Mail:

University of Virginia

Gift Processing Services

P.O. Box 400331 

Charlottesville, VA 22904

By Overnight Delivery:

University of Virginia 

Gift Processing Services 

211 Emmet St South

Charlottesville, VA 22903 

Transferring marketable securities via DTC (the Depository Trust Company, a securities clearing house) may be accomplished only through the cooperation of your broker. Otherwise, if you have the shares in physical form, you may send us the securities and, under separate cover, send us an originally signed stock power for each security gifted. Please note that donors must have their signature medallion-guaranteed by a bank or broker

Please contact us if you have questions: 

Sue Gallegos - Director of Gift Processing Services 

P.O. Box 400331 

Charlottesville, VA 22904-4331 


PH: (434)924-7018

Fax: (434)924-7032

This information is also in the attached PDF document.